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The cost of working on the development of your site depends on the complexity of the order and the workload of our team. We will give you the final cost and timing of the work at the stage of drawing up the terms of reference or after signing the contract.


Site-card — a small site, usually consisting of one (or more) pages and containing basic information about the organization, an individual, company, goods or services, price lists, contact information.

от 0 тыс. ₽

of the week


Landing Page — a one-page site, calling the visitor to a specific action: a newsletter subscription, buy a ticket, download the presentation, ordering services, etc.

от 0 тыс. ₽

from 2 weeks


многостраничный сайт

Corporate website — a multi-page site, which provides detailed information about the company’s activities: a description of services, development history, terms of cooperation, online services, open vacancies, interesting offers, news, and so on.

от 0 тыс. ₽

from 1.5 months


Online store —
is a catalog of products or services where you can buy, compare, or add to

от 0 тыс. ₽

From 3 months

Internal installment and payment breakdown with a flexible payment schedule

Как мы работаем

Что входит в стоимость


Не нужно заполнять больших и сложных брифов. Мы проведем беседу онлайн или вживую. Познакомимся и определимся с задачами.

1 день

Подготовка предложения

After the interview and introductory data, we’ll dive into the subject and estimate the scope of work. The output will be an individual commercial proposal with an outline of the design concept.

2 days

Начало работ

After approval, we conclude a contract with terms of reference. We fix the estimate, terms and order of payment.

We usually work with a 50% prepayment before each stage. This reduces risk and makes it possible to distribute costs over the period of work on the project.

2 days

Этап 1 - Прототип и дизайн концепция

We develop the structure, logic and prototype pages. Prototype — a draft, a sketch of the future site. The purpose of the prototype — to understand how the site will look and work.

In parallel, we make a visual design concept of the home page. This is a presentation with the design of several blocks from the main, which will reflect the style and design of the future site as much as possible.

from 3 days

Этап 2 - Дизайн и верстка макетов

We draw adaptive design layouts and in parallel, when ready, begin layout pages with approved functionality, animation, which displays well on all devices.

from 5 days

Этап 3 - Настройка, тестирование и запуск

We register a domain and hosting. We integrate the pages into the site engine, fill and test. Connect forms and integrate with your crm. Connect analytics and configure SEO.

from 2 days

Продвижение и поддержка

We will transfer all access to manage the site. If necessary, we will take the site for service or train your employees in administration.

We set up advertising offices and prepare ads to run ads.

обсудить ваш проект?

Проводим консультации для маркетологов и собственников бизнеса

Бизнес анализ

Explore your business and identify points of growth


Determine what kind of site you need or do an audit of the existing


Identify effective promotion channels and make a plan of action


Instructions on how to choose and interact with performers

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